Welcome to an irresistible new way to accessorize!

YY is  about personal one-on-one relationships, timeless one-of-a-kind keepsakes, and a chance for women to get together and be themselves!


YY designs are a form of personal expression

Each piece of jewelry is designed and handcrafted personally by me, therefore unique to itself and never mass produced overseas.  I believe that a piece of jewelry should be personal, and be able to represent and express the woman that chooses to wear it, as much as it should enhance her beauty or make a statement.  Therefore, my mission is to create stylish, savvy, and high quality handmade pieces that have a personality all their own, and are made to last—not just for the current fashion trend—but for life.


Whilst YY designs takes the job of putting an intimate edge to your jewelry box very seriously, it is also all about getting together with close girlfriends & meeting new ones, to have fun.  The ultimate in casual shopping experiences, meant for modern on-the-go women, where there is no pressure, and always a gal-pal to give you a second opinion.  YY Home Shows are a fun,

quick, and easy way to shop, catch up with friends, and relax whilst juggling a busy work schedule or a demanding family life.  There is always something for everyone, from your daughter to your mom, or her mom — and most importantly for yourself – to help you put your best side forward on any particular day, for any particular occasion.


Besides selling my exclusive one-of-a-kind jewelry through in-home shows, YY will also be showing a new limited edition collection at local craft festivals in the southern Los Angeles area in the coming months.  So be sure to come back and visit us to find out more about the upcoming events, or sign up for our RSS feed and YY Newsletter!